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Frequently Asked Questions about our Ski School Lessons

Ski School FAQs.. We collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about ski lessons.
If you have any further questions regarding your ski or snowboard lessons or ski resort information, email: [email protected]

When we book ski lessons, will there be other people on our ski lesson?

…With traditional ski group lessons, we find skiers get anxious because they don’t know others in the group or think they ski better or worse, or feel they’re holding others up, and that this anxiety seriously prevents your learning. However, we know with private ski lessons and private group ski lessons made up solely of your friends and family who know each other and comfortable in their company, learning then becomes more fun, relaxed and these factors considerably enhance your learning and improvement.

Do I need to do a course of ski lessons, such as ‘improvers’ or ‘advancing parallel’?

…Some people prefer to learn in a defined group or ski course, and that works for the people it works for. What we’re interested in is creating the ski lesson just for you, so there’s no need for you to categorize your proficiency or progression. And the personal attention you’re getting and the teaching over and above traditional ski courses means that you’ll be learning to ski much more quickly and becoming more proficient from fewer ski lessons!.

What’s the right age to start kids ski lessons?

…We generally recommend ski lessons from age 3-4 yrs onwards, but as a parent, you’re best placed to know your child’s co-ordination, responsiveness to being taught, and being left with other adults. And also check that they really want to ski? After all, like you, the more fun they have the quicker they’ll pick it up. And if you’d love to learn with your children, then check out the parents and children ski lessons.

What if I get stuck and need advice?

…All you need to do is call or email us. Yes, even if you’re on the ski slopes! If you see our ski instructors on the slopes they are very approachable, speak English and will be happy to advise as best they can. There’s also our regular news and videos. You can also follow us on and Twitter @SkiWithEase

You can call the office: 020 3633 2040

I'm lost or running late!

Your ski lesson form contains the name and telephone number of your instructor(s). If you are running late, call your instructor’s mobile on your lesson form or call the office on 020 3633 2040. Your instructor will try to help with a solution to start your lesson or change meeting points to help.

Please note: lessons are a set time and it’s the clients responsibility to reach meeting points in a timely manner. It’s at your instructors discretion if they are able to add on any extra time.

If you are lost and unable to find your meeting point, please contact your instructor and they will be happy to try and track you down and even ski to you if needed.

It's raining, will the lesson be cancelled?

If the mountain is open, lessons will take place in all weather conditions suitable. We will adjust the lessons to suit and include breaks for a warm up hot chocolate where needed.

If it’s a quiet week during the season, your resort contact will call you to discuss the options of moving the lesson to a different day if we have availability.

If you choose not show up for your lessons in rain or snowfall and haven’t spoken to your resort contact- no refund will be given. It’s at Ski With Ease discretion to move lessons or give refunds.

The lifts are closed due to the weather - what will happen with my lesson?

During high winds and advanced weather conditions – morning lifts will have a delayed opening time. Your instructors will be stuck in the same lift queues.

Don’t worry, the lessons will start as soon as everything is running smoothly and the office will amend the start times of all lessons throughout the day.

If the resorts are experiencing advanced weather and winds the resort might close for a day or part of the day. If the resort is classified as closed contact the Ski With Ease office: 020 3633 2040 for updated information.

Your Ski With Ease lesson form is also an invoice. We will supply a covering letter email stating the date of closure to be given to your insurance company. Your insurance company will cover your lesson cancellation and ski pass costs. Make sure your insurance is up-to-date.

If we have availability during off-peak times, it’s at Ski With Ease discretion to re-schedule lessons.

Always contact Ski With Ease for updates.

I have a gift voucher - how can I book a lesson?

Ski With Ease offer gift vouchers – great for Christmas and Birthday gifts. They are designed with a custom area to add the name of the skier(s)/snowboarder(s) and a small message. On payment of the invoice, your PDF voucher will be emailed to you with your lesson receipt.

If you have a date in mind, we can get you pre-booked in – this is required for peak-week dates to avoid disappointment and date will show on the gift-voucher and invoice.

Each gift voucher has a unique code. Just contact Ski With Ease to book your lesson and supply the code and we will do the rest. Please note: without advance notice we may not be able to book requested times, especially peak-weeks. Always book early!

Too sick to ski

If you are part of a group booking or have a one-to-one booked and too sick to ski, please contact the office on 020 3633 2040.

We can work on a solution to suit each individuals needs. This could be anything from moving the lesson to a different day or organising paperwork for your insurance if we are unable to move your lesson during peak-week school holidays.

Please note: if you choose not show up for your ski lesson without contact in advance or due to over-indulgence with the Après Ski we are unable to re-fund or move your lesson.

Can we add another skier to the group?

All lessons are pre-paid in advance. If you would like to add another person to the group in advance we can organise payment for the extra amount.

Are ski passes included?

We charge for ski/snowboard lessons only. You are responsible for the hire of your ski equipment and passes.

Your account handler will send you discount codes for money off ski hire in your chosen resort.

You will also receive discount codes for money off ski equipment, clothing, car hire and a relaxing or sports massage in resort.

Can I have a different start time?

Our standard ski lessons are 9.15-11.15am, 11.30-1.30pm, 2-4pm, 2-5pm. Our 3 hour ski lessons are 9.15-12.15pm or 1-4pm or 2-5pm.

We have 4-5pm only from Feb onwards for extra tips & techniques, parent and child lessons or very young starter lessons.

These have been timed to allow for double and triple instructor bookings and to reach specific meeting points on time.

If it’s a quiet week, we can discuss options to suit your needs.

How do I pay?

You will receive a completed lesson booking form email. Just click the link to take you to online payment by card or you have the option to pay by Bank Transfer. Details are all included in the document.

Bookings are not confirmed until payment is received.

Do I need to wear protection?

During your lessons you are required to wear a helmet.

It’s advisable to always wear gloves when skiing. We know it gets hot and you want to take them off, but, during lessons we require kids to wear gloves. If they fall over, ski edges are sharp and can easily cut fingers.

Other protection, e.g. back protection is entirely up to you.

(Please note: we do not allow the wearing of back-packs during kids lessons. Any water or snacks must be stored in a ski jacket).

Allergies, Medi-pack, special needs?

Please speak to your booking manager when organising lessons if you require specialist lesson requirements.

Your instructor will be informed if you have diabetes, allergies or medical information that requires you or the instructor to carry your medication or notes for medical assistance on the slopes.